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Elephants: World's largest land mammal [VIDEO]

You might already know that elephants are large and majestic but the extent of their size and Intelligence may surprise you elephants are the largest living land animal on average African elephants are about 10 Feet Tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 18000 pounds.

The largest elephant in recorded history whoever was 13 feet tall and weighed about 24000 pounds to sustain this massive size an adult elephant has to consume an enormous amount up to 50 gallons of water and about 220 pounds of food or approximately 70000 calories everyday, elephant-sized whoever ends up restricting the movement well they can walk and swim elephants are one of the few mammal that can't jump their legs are too slender to propel their enormous weight upward plus elephants don't have any spring in their legs since they stand on their toes elephants are intelligent creatures, One sign of their intellect is their ability to recognise themselves in a mirror the only other animals capable of doing this are humans great Apes dolphins and magpies.

Intelligence is also founded elephants ability to problem-solve with tools but probably the most well-known form of elephant intelligence is their superb memory as they migrate from place to place the router live elephants can remember locations of water sources are wrong that migration route elephants are the only living animals with long trunks trunks which are a combination of the nose and upper lip can be heavy and Powerful they contain about 150000 muscle units and can weigh nearly 300 lbs while an elephant's trunk can lift objects nearly twice its size it's also adept at picking up small objects flap like projections on the end of a trunk or precise enough to pick up individual berries or lives outside of grasping elephants also use their trunks to Greed and reassure one another they may intertwine their trunks or touch the face of other elephants to show affection elephant tusks are essentially giant teeth much like human teeth elephant tusks are made of a material called dent in the major difference is that elephant dentine has a diamond pattern that makes it super strong and give that Lester Young elephants even go through a set of baby teeth but there's include baby tasks they fall out after about a year and are replaced with a permanent that that can grow 6 feet long and weigh 50 lbs each.

Unfortunately elephants have been illegally hunted for their tusks demand for ivory products which are made from cask has caused elephant populations to decline African elephants are not endangered but they're Asian cousins are African elephants are listed as vulnerable and some countries in southern Africa or even experiencing an overpopulation of African elephants Asian elephant populations has decreased and mentally the species habitat once stretched across Asia from Syria to Northern China but today they only exist in isolated pockets between India and Indonesia habitat fragmentation poaching for ivory and Conflict local farmers are all factors that put elephant populations at risk but by studying the complicated nature conservation we can come closer to finding a way that both people and elephants with their exceptional intelligence and the larger-than-life presence can peacefully coexist.